Upcoming Logo Design trends for small startups to follow in 2019

logo design trends 2019

A logo is a visual representation of every company. There is nothing new about business organizations wanting to have a unique and notable logo. Every business brand wants its logo to stand out from the crowd and be able to deliver the character and objectives of the company.

One of the main reasons behind logo designing that it helps in effective brand awareness and creating brand awareness is one of the key aspects of product promotion and business marketing strategies. No matter how big or medium-sized your business organization is, without effective brand awareness business expansion is unachievable.

In this modern business sector, small and new business organizations have to face fierce competition in the markets as the well-established businesses make it harder for new ones to take the lead. In order to, get noticed in the market, startup business and medium-sized organizations need to have an eye-catching logo design. Such logo design not only serves as a brand identity but it makes them distinguishable.

Customer preferences and market trends change over time, so it is crucial for startups to keep an eye on the upcoming market and logo design trends before settling for any logo design for your business brand. A well-designed logo act as brand awareness booster whereas a poorly-designed logo can have tarnishing impacts on your brand’s market position and status.

Requirements for ideal logo design

One of the biggest blunders that most of the startup companies make is to ignore the crucial role that a logo plays in business marketing strategies. In this highly competitive business sector, a logo is no longer just an artistic symbol that represents a company rather it has functions and traits that should be considered in the logo designing and developing processes.

Apart from all the trend and design embellishment elements, an ideal logo design must:

•    Represent your company.

•    Be easily distinguishable.

•    Be adaptive.

•    Have a timeless design.

If your logo design meets these requirements, then you are all good to use it as your marketing tool. In fact, every logo design should have these traits; everything else is unnecessary and irrelevant if your logo design lacks these four traits.

Latest logo designing trends of 2019

Following the trends and fads is not enough to create an impactful logo. There are numerous big business organizations which fell victim to trendy logo designs and they not only have to redesign their logos, but they also had to rebrand their company.

Most of the business organizations and companies use the services of freelance professional logo designers, to avoid falling in traps of trends and styles and also to obtain high-quality designs. These designers use advanced and free logo maker online tools and software.

New logo design trends are introduced every year which makes it hard for the designers to keep up with the upcoming trends and styles. It is crucial for startup businesses to keep themselves updated with the latest and developing design trends. To assist you in this regards, here we’ve compiled a brief list of all the latest and upcoming logo design trends of the year 2019:

Minimalistic designing approach

Simple designs are popular because not only these designs are easily interpretable, but they are also visually appealing. Simple designs have the four traits that are required for making an ideal logo design.

The year 2019 is all about breaking the stereotypes and in logo designing simple and minimal designs have replaced the complicated and ornamented logo designs. Take a look around you, and you will realize that almost every successful business brand use a simple yet interesting logo as their brand identity.

Minimal logo designs are the perfect logo designing approach startups because it is cost-friendly and it qualifies to be an ideal logo design (as per previously mentioned requirements.)

Hand-written text

The objective of a logo is to convey the business message; a hand-written logo design strives to achieve the same objective and clarity. Hand-written logos are effective for startup businesses as these logos are a refined version of simple and minimal logo designs. Hand-written logos (aka logotypes) consists of attributes like the informality and highlights the personality of the company in an innovative yet simple way.

Several free logo maker online tools and software provide thousands of templates for each type and style of logo design.  

Line art

The name says it all; line art is a way of designing logos by using lines only. These logo designs are often couple with other logo designs and trends such as hand-written text. By pairing this logo design trend with other styles, you can create a modern yet minimal logo innovatively.

One of the biggest advantages of using line art logo design is that they offer high adaptability and scalability. If designed properly, these logos are concise and act as a standalone business branding element.

Black and white

If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant logo design, go for a black and white logo designing trend. These logo designs are preferred because they give a refined and fresh look to your brand’s identity.

A black and white logo looks better on different marketing mediums such as social media, newspaper, business cards, and even letterheads. One of the most famous misinterpretations regarding this logo designing style is that black and white logos are dull and boring. On the contrary, black and white logos gives sophistication and a sharp look to your logo design.

Using a black and white logo provides you with benefits like ease of understanding, less costly and most importantly, it provides an artistic look in the most sophisticated manner.

Negative space

This designing style consists of two-fold imaging. To say it in other words, negative space logo designing technique is used to join different images into one unified pictographic piece for creating high-quality logos.

These logo designs became famous in 2017, and since then these logo styles have been used in creating high visual impact. These logo designs are not only easy to remember, but they are easy to redesign for better business branding.


In a nutshell, we can say that a high-quality logo is neither too simple to be called as outdated nor too trendy to be called as dysfunctional, a good logo has all four traits including trendiness. It’s all about making the first impression, a logo which makes a striking first impression is sure to elevate and to boost the status and position of that business brand.

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