Top Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends

Social Media has crept into all possible aspects of our lives. Meanwhile, social media has become the favorite answer to all their marketing problems. So, today, in this blog we are going to uncover the most important and amazing social media marketing trends to adopt in 2019 for amazing social media marketing this year!!

Social Media Marketing is not a new concept, but it is a trending one for sure. It keeps evolving with every passing moment as a new social media update is announced or a new social media tool is invented.

Every day a new trend comes up and leaves the marketers all amazed. This article discusses the top social media marketing trends that are gonna stay for long and are surely trending in 2019.

Come, let’s have a look at these amazing social media marketing tips for 2019.

Engagement – More Important Than Ever

The engagement has always been an important aspect of marketing but now it is more important than ever. Businesses are focussing on engagement more than likes and followers on their social media handles.

It not only involves just promoting your brand and people responding accordingly, in fact, it now includes Social Listening as one of its an important aspect.

Now, organic reaches are much harder to achieve, hence it is very important to include really engaging, interactive, and interesting content for your marketing that attracts your target audience.

In order to enhance engagement, you may opt for influencer marketing too, that tends to extend your social reach and enhance user engagement.

User-Generated Content- The New King Of Content Marketing

User-generated content is real, fresh, engaging, interactive, and on the top of all that, cost-effective and easily available. It is created by users with free will who are happy and satisfied with the quality of your products and services.

It tends to enhance user engagement, social trust, build brand image, and develop brand credibility and authenticity. It also sets in motion word of mouth marketing that helps you to expand your customer base beyond your target audience.

Social Walls- Perfect Solution To Display UGC

Now when we know that user-generated content is the key to engagement, the next question that resides is how to display it effectively in front of the audience to generate a dialogue and thus engagement.

One well-proven way of doing so is employing a social wall for the purpose. You could display user-generated content in a customizable way on a social wall either on digital screens for events and digital signage. You could also embed the social wall on your website using a social media aggregator to display UGC to your visitors.

Live Streaming Is The New Trend

Be it Facebook live streaming or Instagram’s live video feature, live streaming is trending everywhere. Being live on the internet brings authenticity as you would be interacting with your audience in real-time.

It also helps you to create the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect on your audience, hence, generating curiosity and excitement for your live video segment. It enhances engagement.

Video Marketing- The Rising Superstar

Well, now this is no secret. Videos have been trending for quite some time now and they are gonna be the showstopper of the marketing parade even in the near future.

Videos are engaging and interesting. Visuals speak louder than words. In fact, the recent developments like vertical videos, Instagram TV (IGTV) are a step further in this very direction. They possess huge marketing potential.

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