Top 4 wireless Earbuds you can buy in 2019

Wireless Earbuds

The latest fashion in headphones is wireless headphones connected by Bluetooth, which will offer you a greater range of movement and will be ideal for traveling on public transport or doing sports. The great advantage of wireless headphones is precisely that: they do not carry cables. That greater comfort offered with respect to headphones that are connected to a device is remarkable especially when you are on the move. Here are the top 4 wireless earbuds of 2019 you can buy from thegadgetspro in the market.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

The Quiet Comfort 35 II wireless headphones may not show much improvement over the previous model, but they are undoubtedly the best option for those who do not have first-generation helmets at home. Among the aspects that Bose has improved, we find the possibility that now offers to control noise cancellation. It also incorporates Google’s virtual assistant, which some Android users will find useful. However, these are not the reasons why we like Quite Comfort 35 II so much. Its excellence lies in the unbeatable comfort of its headband and its sponges, as well as its high-quality sound. These headphones can be purchased at any of the physical points of sale in Spain or through the Fnac online platform. 

RHA True Connect

To say it fast and running: the RHA True Connect is the best earbuds you can find on the market today. It is true that they do not have noise cancellation technology like the Sony WF-1000X, but they are made of a comfortable material at the same time as efficient to soundproof the outside noise and thus you can enjoy the music without interruptions. This means that the RHA True Connect headphones are a cheaper option, and best of all, they do not fall easily, which will be of particular interest to those who use them while running. In addition to all this, these helmets have a battery life of 25 hours, enough for several days of use. With an IPX5 code, they are also resistant to splashes. Your audio quality will not disappoint you at all.

Bowers & Wilkins PX

The Bowers and Wilkins PX model is the first of this British company that incorporates noise cancellation, and could not have done better. They are wireless headphones with the best audio quality in the market. We also highlight an elegant, compact and easily transportable design that is reminiscent of its other P9 Signature model. It is true that they are not the most comfortable helmets in the world, but the quality of their manufacture is undeniable. Little can be criticized for these B & W helmets. The new built-in sensors that detect when you put them on and when you take them off is very practical since you will never have to worry about pausing the music again. You can buy these headphones from the official website of Bowers & Wilkins for a price of whether you choose the model with details in space gray or the model with details in gold.

Sony WF-1000X

An alternative to headphones above the ears is in-ear headphones, such as this model WF-1000X Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has exceeded any expectations and has created an almost excellent product. These headphones are small, lightweight and very comfortable, but at the same time, they offer an exquisite sound quality. In addition, they offer a noise cancellation that nobody has to envy to other more expensive helmets. If we had to put some but, these internal wireless headphones are out of ears more often than we would like. Nor does it finish convincing us the design of its protective cover. You can enjoy this pair of wireless headphones. Alternatively, you can choose to buy them from the official Sony channel on Amazon, which always has better offers.

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