Safety Measures: How To Prevent Mobile Phishing

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There was a time when your grandfather used to stand in long queues to withdraw money from the bank. Came to the internet, and now money transactions have shifted online. You make use of computers or laptops to do the job. In recent times, technology has moved one great step forward. You can transfer money by using the app of a specific bank to transfer or receive payment. The method is easy and saves time, isn’t it? You bet. Similar to the thieves and robbers who used to lurk in forests in the olden ages, the scene has shifted to white collar criminals or crooks on the internet who can swindle your money at the drop of a hat. They usually take the identity of another person to trap you into revealing confidential information via the internet through your laptop or mobile. In this article, let us focus on safety measures and the ways to prevent mobile phishing.

What is Phishing?

It is a fraudulent activity where a hacker fakes his/her identity to be of a person claiming to be a banker or from a financial institution. The attack can happen in several ways. The hacker can make use of emails to spread viruses or spyware or send text messages to your mobile. There are chances you can get an exact replica of the bank website and login credentials.

Why Should You Care About Phishing?

There are good men with pure minds and then are evil souls with only harmful intentions on their minds. Gone were the days, when robbers used to loot homes. Now, the same trend has moved on to the internet, where cybercriminals can quickly adapt to many changes in technology. The rapid use of mobiles have in fact helped these criminals to lay their hands on your hard earned money.

In fact, many people all over the globe (including you) may open their email via mobiles. So, now mobile phishing is the order of the day, as the criminals have found the activity a lucrative venture.

Since the last half a decade, going by the standards, the mobile phishing attacks have increased to more than 85 percent. So you need to be extra vigilant while attending to a conversation on the mobile from a stranger or an unknown person.

Phishing attacks can happen in times of holidays, major events, a bank function, or trending stories.

How Did The Phishing Attacks Become So Successful? How To Prevent Mobile Phishing

1. Lack of Security Features

In the computer or laptop, if you paste a new website URL, you can get the warning message stating the URL is harmful. This feature is absent in a mobile. The other security features such as firewalls, protection are missing in a mobile. So you need to be careful if the person at the other end wants you to click on a new link.

2. SMS, Messaging apps and social media

Prevent Mobile Phishing

And the criminals have not just limited their nefarious activities to only sending emails. They have even stepped into the messaging apps section. Always try to download apps from reputed websites. Do not download new apps from third party sources. Chances are they might contain spyware which can report confidential bank info present in your mobile.


How To Prevent Mobile Phishing

There are chances you get a fake email from an unknown source regarding your bank. Ensure that you check the information twice. And do not click on the link given. Check the URL. If you find a spelling mistake on the website, then you were about to become a victim of mobile phishing.

Their Method –

The website link you were about to click will contain a replica of your bank website. If the email tells you to log into the bank website to change some details, then please do not fall into the trap. The moment you enter the name and password, the hacker can determine the password and use them to access your bank account. And your hard earned money will vanish forever.

A. Security Awareness

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a business in Mumbai pertaining to laptop repair? To increase your customer base, you have enlisted as a vendor in a company providing computer repair services at home in Mumbai. If you have a finance department handling digital online transactions, ensure that they are given proper training to prevent mobile phishing.

One wrong move by a finance executive and it can lead to problems for your organization.  In case, the official mobile has got compromised, then the hacker can uncover names and accounts of your clients.

B. Safe Browsers

Please do not use any new browsers which have entered the market. You need to use reputed browsers which will have prominent security features. These browsers will never allow malware on their sites.

C. Bookmarks

If you have bookmarked the financial institution or bank web URL, you need to click into the URL sent by the hacker.

Yes, your mobile will have prominent security software on its structure. But still, be cautious and ensure that there is an antivirus software which can give the perfect solution for mobile to prevent any unlawful activity.


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Ensure you follow the dictates given in the article to the T. Then you can stay safe and secure.

So, have you read the article on how to prevent mobile phishing? We have given very few points on how to prevent fraudulent activities in the mobile. Hope you have gained valuable information. To keep yourself updated, opt for a subscription of our newsletter.

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